Updates, Odd and Ends

This post may sound a bit different than what you're used to.

You see, I'm out of town right now. I'm in Kansas, once again. So imagine my normal tone, but with a slight drawl and a bit of barbecue sauce.

Also, I'll be posting later in the day than usual because I don't have Internet access until after work, instead of before. So imagine it's just a time zone difference and we'll all be cool like cucumbers.

We went to a Bass Pro shop after work today. It's like the outdoorsman's Mecca. Reminiscent of Cabela's, but with its own fishing pond and restaurant. It was like a Mountain Man Mall, which I just made up and feel quite proud of myself for doing so.

I'm in a fight for my life. Tyler Tarver is hosting a tournament to decide The Worst Movie Ever, and I've made it to the Elite 8. My movie is The Stupids. I'm tied with the movie Knowing, for some unknown reason. Clearly The Stupids is a much worse movie*. Please go to Tyler's site and vote for The Stupids. This week, we were asked to write a defense of our opponents, so please don't be confused by what I wrote. You want to vote for The Stupids. I'm going to use this sentence as another excuse to use the phrase "vote for The Stupids".

In conclusion, I think children are the future and we should really work to preserve the baby wails.

* The Stupids is one of my top five favorite movies of all time. But that doesn't mean it's not an awful movie!



Scott said...

You should have put KC Masterpiece on this post, it makes everything better.

Probably even cool cucumbers.

(I voted for The Stupids for you yesterday. I've never seen either movie, so you backing it was my deciding factor.)

Some Guy said...

Our Cabela's has a restaurant and a pond with fish in it. All inside, of course. I don't know that they want you catching the fish though.

Ricky Anderson said...

Cabela's and Bass Pro are new to me. We don't have anything like that in New Mexico.

Bass Pro had a fishing pond outside in the parking lot. There were probably a dozen folks fishing.

Then they had a fish pond out front that the restaurant looks out onto.

Then they had an aquarium with huge catfish inside the store.

I think those folks like fishing!

I could never get into it, seeing as I don't like fish.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

If you tried to catch the fish in the pond in the Michigan Cabela's, I suspect they'd march you over to the firearms section in short order.

...to shop for firearms, of course.

Oh, and don't forget the aquarium in Cabela's, Some Guy!