Basketball Boogie Boogaloo

I did it! I finally defeated my 8-year-old neighbor in a game of Horse. After the first shot I hit, he proudly exclaimed, "Hey! You didn't airball it!" I'm way more excited about this than a grown man should be. When he asked why I'm so bad at basketball, I told him I was more accustomed to a 10-foot rim rather than his 8-foot one. Which is true - I've spent far more time airballing on 10-foot rims than 8.

We have a General Mills plant in town. It's right next to the highway, which is where I spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. It's fun to guess what cereal they're making at the moment by the smells. While I was sitting in my parked car on the highway the other day, I was thinking about how we decide whether something smells good or something smells bad. Then a thought that wrecked my whole world schema popped up - WE DON'T KNOW WHAT ANYTHING SMELLS LIKE! At least, not fully. That perfume you like? It smells like perfume...and boogers. Cookies in the oven? Mmmm...and boogers. Every scent you know is tainted by what's already in your nose. I may have just changed your life. You're welcome.

I never know what to bring to potlucks. I want something cheap and easy that looks like it was expensive and time consuming. Not that I'm going to any potlucks anytime soon. I was just a bit peckish and thought a potluck sounded good.

What are you bringing to my potluck?

Love Thy Rival - Interview With Chad Gibbs, Former Baby

Finally! I found someone who's a bigger baby than me.

Exhibit 1: Me, during an eating break

Introducing: Chad Gibbs, author of the new book, Love Thy Rival.

Exhibit 2: Chad Gibbs, Former Baby
Chad was kind enough to answer some questions for me. Make sure to check out his new book, and especially the medical clinic he's helping Samaritan's Purse build in Haiti.

Tell us what your new book is about.

What sports' greatest rivalries can teach us about loving our enemies.

That was long and boring. Now describe your new book in one word.


What are three things that your new book is not like?

Fingernails on a chalkboard, head lice, Oliver Cromwell

When does the movie come out?

The book is actually based Magic Mike

What is your favorite part of your own book?

The table of contents

What's one thing you'd change?

All the Phantom of the Opera references

Too late.


Can people order an autographed copy of your new book?

Yes, on chadgibbsdotcom

What is your favorite part of your own book?

The 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty.

That's not what you said before. Red Sox or Yankees?

Yes they are in the book.