Updates, Odd and Ends, Part II

I used 'II' instead of '2' since it feels more official, and trust me, this post is all kinds of official.

I'm traveling for work this week and next. That means my roommate and I can work on exceeding our personal goals of amount of pizza consumed in a two-week period. We had Chicago style last night, and we're going for thin crust fancy stuff tonight.

We were going to go to a World War I museum tomorrow to do our part as responsible Americans to learn about our history and stimulate the economy. Guess we can't do that now because the politicians are shutting down the government. Did you notice how if a shutdown occurs, the honorable folks in the military who put their lives on the line every day in our defense won't get paid, but the politicians who yap endlessly and do nothing productive will continue to get paid as though they're worth something? I wish we could just shut them down and leave the working folks alone. Vote 'em all out next time - both parties. Forget term limits; I'm now for a 'no incumbents' rule.

One time, at band camp, I never went to band camp.

Peace and pancakes.

What would you do to make the politicians fix their mess before a shutdown occurs at midnight?



Sgt. Wolverine said...

New law: if the budget isn't passed before the deadline, lawmakers don't get paid for the next [insert time period]. Two months, three months, whatever. Essential personnel -- such as military personnel -- get paid as they were, but lawmakers...no. The deadline isn't a surprise, so if they can't be reasonable adults and figure out how to pass a budget, they should feel the pain.

They would still have to go to work every day, and the suspension of pay would stand for the full time period regardless of how soon after the deadline they do pass the budget.

Ricky Anderson said...

Good idea.

We could lock them in their big fancy room w/ no food, computers, or cell phones. They are allowed to come out when they have reached a 100% consensus.

Some Guy said...

Sarge, the problem with making that a new law is this: whom are you going to get to pass that law?

Most of the lawmakers in question wouldn't notice a couple missing paychecks. How about no benefits either? No fancy-pants medical insurance, no travel expenses or government cars, no anything until they get a budget.