You Never Know What a Preggo's Gonna Do

My wife is pretty predictable, and predictably pretty.

If she has the day off work, she's running errands or cleaning house or doing yard work. She's diligent that way. Once, a few years ago at our first house, I came home to find my house had been painted. I almost apologized for intruding in someone else's house and left.

But things are changing a bit now that she's pregnant.

My buddies have all warned me about the hormones and morning sickness. Only one ever told me about the Activity Roller Coaster.

One time he came home to find his 8-months-pregnant wife in the tree in their front yard, 30 feet up, trimming the top branches. No ladder, no help. Just a preggo and her Insanity To-Do List.

Now my wife's getting the bug.

Some days she'll sit on the couch, feeling ill. Other days, I'll come home and find her rearranging the bedrooms.

This is the Activity Roller Coaster. She's only 5 months along, so I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.

I imagine I'll come home one day to a three-ring circus and a petting zoo.

The crazy thing is she never asks for help with any of it. So maybe we should build a theme park.

I like roller coasters.

What crazy things have preggos you know done?



Laurielizard said...

Be nice, Dear Bother. Your wife is doing great work, both inside and outside.

P.S. Just wait until she begins to nest!:)

Ricky Anderson said...

I think that part's right around the corner!

I did get Jan's approval before posting this, just so you know!

tylertarver said...

My wife was active too until the last month. Then she looked like she was trying to play the limbo everywhere she went.

She was also a big fan of teenager tv shows for some reason. I blame the hormones.