Things I've Done Once, Also

Many years ago, I wrote a post called Things I've Done Once.

I've done more things once since then, so let's commence the sequel!


  • Been in a fashion show and walked the runway
    • We had to practice quick changes and fake turns and step counts
      • We were showing off slacks and polos borrowed from JCPenney
    • Being in Business Professionals of America was a really weird experience.
      • That logo hasn't changed in 20 years.
  • Auditioned for a TV show
    • There was an open audition for a TV pilot, so I went and tried out for the lead part because why not?
    • It was in a closed Better Business Bureau office in a strip mall, so I'm sure it was legit.
      • People were pacing, muttering and even talking to walls. I can't imagine how scary that would be to have your livelihood on the line.
    • I didn't memorize my lines.
    • I froze up.
      • There's a reason I work with computers. They use different sorts of scripts.
    • While I didn't get the part, they did offer me a background spot. That's actor talk for "you can't play with us, but we will let you sit in the corner as long as you don't watch the action or sniffle too much".
  • Been an extra in a movie
    • This was a bucket list item for me.
      • I've always been fascinated by movies and TV shows.
    • It took almost 4 hours to film a 20 second scene.
      • I loved every moment of it.

What have you done once?