Immediately Delayed

Me: Reboot your computer and it'll work.

User: Are you sure? I just did.

Me: And the problem survived the reboot?

User: Yes, it came back shortly after.

Me: How long between when you rebooted and when the issue returned?

User: I rebooted Monday, and today is Thursday, so...

Me: Oh, just reboot.

Is it just me, or will most people do everything they can to avoid a reboot?

A Letter to My Daughter

Eliana, yesterday we were privileged to dedicate you to the Lord.

Your name means "God has answered".

When we were told we couldn't have kids, we prayed...and God answered.

When we thought we might lose you the night you were born, we prayed...and God answered.

The first Bible verse I ever memorized was Psalm 56:3 - "When I am afraid, I will trust in you."

We want to raise you secure in the knowledge that you can trust your Heavenly Father.

He's been there for us, and He'll be there for you, too.

We love you.