10 Things Your Computer Wishes You Would Do

1.  NOT click here.

2.  Give yourself a swirly.

3.  Reboot yourself.

4.  Include him in those family photos.

5.  Upgrade him to a robot. World domination is easier with more moving parts.

6.  Buy him a lottery ticket.

7.  Stop touching his monitor. After all, he doesn't touch your glasses.

8.  Remember to upgrade his RAM.

9.  Clean out his keyboard every now and then. You brush your teeth, right?

10. Quit cursing at it. Would you talk to your mom that way?

What else does your computer wish you would do?



Sgt. Wolverine said...

My computer wishes I would stop spending so much time visiting blogs.

JUST KIDDING! My computer actually wishes I would let it start its own blog.

Ricky Anderson said...

Hmmm...sounds like you found that idea you needed for a guest post...

Some Guy said...

* move it closer to the window so it could see something other than the wall

* move it above floor level so the kids can't play with the power button

Rick Knowles said...

My computer is thankful that I treat it properly, but the other workstations wish I didn't give local administrator privileges to technophobes and other low-level users.