Random Stuff Popping Around In My Head, Part Whatever It Is, Part II

  • Want some help controlling grocery costs? Here's a free tip, for free: Go to your fridge. Pull out the milk. Don't pour it down the drain. Put it back in the fridge. See? Now you have more milk than if you had done otherwise. You're welcome.
  • I'm tired of computers. What else should I go do? All suggestions involving pancakes are welcome.
  • This post might be a bit shorter than you'd like 'cause the server room's kinda hot today.
  • The new Tron movie isn't as bad as everyone says it is. I will defend this position to the death*!
    • *I reserve the right to pancake waffle on said position, once I see the movie.
  • I'm running low on writing ideas, so feel free to assign me something.
    • Unless you're relieved that I'm running out of ideas.
      • In which case, you're welcome.
  • What's the strangest name you can think of for a baby? I need a boy name and a girl name. I'm going to start pranking people who ask if we've picked out a name yet, and I need your help.



Sgt. Wolverine said...

You should legally change your name to Ricky Pancakerson. (It involves pancakes!)

Ricky Anderson said...

Strangest name for the baby, not me!

And I don't actually like pancakes, but I get more comments when I mention them.

I guess you lot like pancakes, eh?

You're kinda close to Canada, so I threw that in there so's you feel at home here on the blog.

You're welcome.

Laurielizard said...

Humperdink, with the plan to call him Humpy (hey.. it is better than Dinky). This is coming from you much wiser older sister who once names a horned lizard Horny! Take my advice!

Ricky Anderson said...


If there's one thing I learned in life, it's always take your big sister's advice.

When are you going to write a guest post for me?

Some Guy said...

I vote for the name Cooper for the baby.

Middle name: Mini

Rob said...

I told people our twins names were Ima and youa. Ima Shepherd has a nice ring to it huh? I also really liked Yippee Kiyay Mr. Falcon. For you I would suggest just naming your son Mr. As in the Matrix, Mr. Anderson.

Ricky Anderson said...

Ok, so we have Humpy Cooper Mini Mr. Anderson?

It's official - that's what we're telling everybody the name is.

And we're waiting to find out the gender, so my wife had a great idea for revealing that to everybody.

If they want to know the gender, they have to change a diaper.