My Review of Jon Acuff's Quitter

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Jon Acuff's new book, Quitter. Jon probably meant to send it to someone else. He's likely better at writing than addressing packages.

Quitter is about how our generation is afraid to chase our dreams. We settle for dead-end jobs and shattered hopes. We stick with the safe and familiar and watch our lives slip away before our eyes out of fear.

But what if you could chase your dream responsibly? What if you didn't have to quit your day job and leave your family destitute? What if you could have fun doing what you love and still pay your bills?

Jon details his own journey from a job-hopping serial quitter to landing his dream job. He walks through the ups and downs, the opportunities and challenges.

There's great advice on time management and priorities. For instance, you can't steal time from your wife and kids, but you can steal it from the TV. This hits home with me, because I never want to chase my writing dreams at the expense of my marriage.

Jon gives insight into making the most of your current situation, using it to hone your skills as you start down the path that will lead to your dream job.

This isn't a one-size-fits-all miracle cure. This isn't a 'follow your heart and all your dreams will come true' fluff-fest. This is about hard work and taking calculated risks.

Even if you're not dreaming of leaving your day job for your dream job, you'll like this book if you like Jon's writing. If you're already a fan of Jon's humor and style, then you'll really like Quitter as it's pure, vintage Acuff. If you're not, then stop reading my blog and go read something funny!

I highly, highly recommend Quitter.


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Rick Knowles said...

Looking forward to the book. Pre-ordered it yesterday. Acuff is a cool rising star. He spoke at Catalyst West to introduce Dave Ramsey and he was killing it! He could have taken all of Ramsey's time and I wouldn't have cared. Good stuff.