Worst Movie Ever Competition Update

They said it couldn't be done.

And they were probably right.

But it's closer than anyone thought it would be!

If you love me and/or are human, please click here to vote for my movie, The Stupids, in The Worst Movie Ever competition over at Tyler Tarver's site. My opponent, the evil Clay Morgan, has accused me of tomfoolery.

Let's prove him right.

For all the children.



Anonymous said...

By tomfoolery I meant complete and righteous awesomeness. You are totally wise to use this space to send people to vote for Battlefield Earth. Savvy move my friend.

Ricky Anderson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Evil Clay.

You're still winning, and therefore still evil.

But beautiful nonetheless.

Rob said...

Man that is a tough ask. My movie didn't make so I'm tempted to vote for both of you using two different computers and thus canceling out my vote. Does that help?

Ricky Anderson said...

Follow where your heart leads you, Rob.

tylertarver said...

I voted Republican.