Amazing Grace

For Evan, On His First Birthday

This is what happens when Dad dresses you for the day.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

That's my father's favorite hymn.

That saved a wretch like me.

I can't sing it. I get choked up, thinking about my dad. Never have been able to sing it. I've always just mouthed the words.

I once was lost, but now am found.

Your mom and I didn't think we'd be able to have kids. At least the doctor said so.

Was blind, but now I see.

And yet, you're one today.

T'was grace that taught my heart to fear.

A year ago I became your dad. I was overwhelmed. Excited. Scared. Helpless.

And grace my fears relieved.

You made it easy. You slept through the night by the time you were barely two months old. And you giggle a lot.

How precious did that grace appear.

Now I can sing it, but only to you. Even humming it when I'm putting you down for the night has an instant effect on you. You quit fighting sleep, and lay your head down in acceptance.

The hour I first believed.

I want many things for you in life. I want you to learn, play catch, marry your sweetheart. But what I want most is for you to know your real Dad. And I want you to one day soon quit fighting and bend your knee in acceptance.

Of His grace.

Happy Birthday, Evan. We love you.

Space Invaders Caption Contest

"We come in peace. With weapons."
Two questions for you:

1. What's going on here?
2. Which one's my dad?

Give me your best captions!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Part II

I feel like an Internet dating service today, but I promise you - it's all platonic. Probably. I might want to look that up first.

Here we go.

Rob Shepherd (@robshep, asked for "funny people that make me think about tech, sports, and Christianity." I don't know much about sports, but for the rest? To you, Rob, I give Rick Knowles. You're welcome.

TJ (@tjcapalla, teejay82.tumblr.compeanutbuttercupmoment.tumblr.comasked for "inspirational stuff". Have some Tony Alicea, TJ. Enjoy.

Russ Ray was half asleep / delusional. So for you, Russ? Tyler Tarver.

Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson wants pop culture. Feeling a little stuck on this one. How about some TV AsylumRenée? You'll get a range of topics by a range of different folks. And maybe some unicorns.

Chad Jones wants "fiction, non-fiction, Christianity, humor, blogging, and butterscotch flavored terra cotta siding". Chad, you already know almost every blogger I know, so I'm going to focus on your fiction request. Which is different than your fictitious request. Have you tried the Infinity Manuscript?

Larry Hehn (@larryhehn and wants a combination of "humor and insight for Christian living". You already know Rob Shepherd, right? Well...go meet him again. Sorry this recommendation's not new, but Rob is the best for what you asked for.

Daniel Carman says "I will not tweet. Not in a box, not with a fox." No, Dan(iel), you may not. But you do blog, and you'd even blog with a dog in the bog, right? Thus, check out my friend Some Guy.

Ken Hagerman ( a lot of words and I got overwhelmed. But one of those words was humor, so Ken - go follow @sgtwolverine. He's the funniest guy I follow on Twitter.

Burrill (@sgtwolverine) wants funny. Jamie Golden is funny. Jared Clifton is, too. But you? EVERYBODY should follow you!

Stephen Haggerty (@StephenHaggerty) wants creativity. Stephen, meet my best friend Chris. He's the most creative guy I know. His Twitter feed has a heavy tech focus, but ask him anything and I guarantee a creative answer, regardless of topic.

Some Guy asked for more Network Administrator Diaries. On it's way, SG, on it's way.

Ok, your turn. Who do you like to follow on Twitter? Whose blog do you enjoy?

Private Public Internet Confessions

  • Remember when I offered a guest post for your blog if you voted for Team Ricky in the Blogging All-Star Challenge? Yeah, no one took me up on that.
    • Confession: Feelin' pretty awesome about that. I got the votes without the follow-through! Let me know if you'd like to change that.
  • I'm not your typical IT guy - I'm a people person.
    • Confession: If you're in my office talking about your marriage woes and foot ailments (yes, both of these have happened), I will turn on the Typical IT Guy Mode. I'll grumble, mention gigasomethings, and stare at my screen moodily until you leave. Best of both worlds!
  • Evan's birthday is coming up. He'll be one. Jana's having a hard time with this.
    • Confession: I couldn't be more excited. Every day older he gets is another day closer to when I'll be able to throw a ball around with him at the park. I don't want him to stay a baby. Is that bad?

What would you like to anonymously with your name privately confess on the World Wide Internet?

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Follow Friday is something a lot of folks participate in on Twitter. The idea is to recommend folks to other people.

The problem I find is that people recommend their friends without thinking about whether or not I'll actually have anything in common with them. It's like a bad blind date.

There are lots of people on Twitter who I follow that I don't necessarily think you'd like to follow. This is why I don't do Follow Friday.

Which makes me a bit of a jerk.

I'd like to change that today, but rather than just tell you who my friends are, I'd like to personalize it to your tastes.

In the comments, tell me what you're interested in. What type of person do you like to hear about? Do you want a laugh, or someone who makes you think? Are you in to tech? Sports? Christianity?

Leave a link to your Twitter page as well. If you're not on Twitter, I'll make blog recommendations instead. Leave a link to your blog if you have one.

I'll answer everyone who comments in a post on Friday.

Step right up!

New Dad Tips - Guest Post for Kevin Haggerty

Kevin Haggerty may or may not be having baby.

Spoiler alert: He is. His wife is helping a smidge.

Kevin will be taking a bit of a break from blogging and asked some friends to fill in on his blog while he's gone.

Spoiler alert: I am not one of those friends. My post was unsolicited. But my check cleared, so I get to go first.

Head on over to Kevin's blog, The Isle of Man, and read my guest post. Then stick around and check out Kevin's site. Like me, Kevin blogs about a wide range of topics. Unlike me, Kevin can focus and convey clear thoughts. He's funny, he's serious, he's thoughtful, he's Batman.

Spoiler alert: Fish.

You're welcome.


Artwork by Wes Molebash


It came way, way too close, but we won! Thanks to everyone who voted...for my team, at least.

Thanks also to Rob Shepherd for funding and hosting the competition. You're awesome, Rob!

One more thing - see that awesome artwork up there? That's the brainchild of the uber-talented Wes Molebash. He has a new cartoon (comic? is there a difference?) premiering today. It's called Insert Image, and you should go check it out!

Down to the Wire

Artwork by Wes Molebash

It's the 9th inning, and the score is pretty much tied up.

Go vote for Team Ricky!

Here's what you get if you do:
  • A lifetime supply of air
  • Well-mannered children
  • No v-neck shirts
  • World peace
  • No Chik-Fil-A blog posts from me
  • Free telepathy lessons
  • A guest post for your blog
One last thing - THANKS!

Why I Shouldn't Be an Olympic(s?) Judge

The Olympics: Where you work your entire life to have me judge you from my couch.

Jana and I were watching one of the swimming semi-final race thingies the other day. We were rooting for the American, Whatshername, in lane 5.

The race was close, and we couldn't tell who was going to pull it off. We leaned forward in our seats, shouting, "Go! Go!"

The results popped up on the screen, and I sat back, deflated.

Jana, on the other hand, threw her hands in the air. "Yay!"

Me: What do you mean? She lost.

Jana: What? No, she didn't. She won!

Me: No, lanes 1, 2 and 3 won.

Jana: Um...that shows who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Jana: Dork.

Are you watching the Olympics?