10 Things You Wish Your Computer Would Do

1.  Teleport you places.

2.  Make you breakfast.

3.  Handle sales calls for you.

4.  Wirelessly connect to your TV...painlessly...without additional hardware.

5.  Upgrade itself.

6.  Make iTunes work whether it wants to or not.

7.  Do what you want it to do, not what you tell it to do.

8.  Talk to you. Not in robotic voice, but in a sexy futuristic voice.

9.  Manage your investments. Nobody knows what the market is going to do...except the machines.

10. Interrupt you during Netflix movies for important reasons, not Windows Updates. "Excuse me, but there's an armed New York Yankee breaking down the back door."

What else do you wish your computer would do?



Russ said...

I wish my computer would occasionally jump up on the desk and perform song and dance numbers, kind of like they do at Johnny Rockets. That would definitely break up my day.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Interrupting for Windows updates? Several times, I've had my work computer restart itself with no warning to install updates. It just closed every open window and restarted without asking. I don't understand how Microsoft could possibly think that would ever be a good idea. Is the world going to end if Windows gives me a little warning?

So...I wish my (work) computer would always ask me about restarting.

Rob said...

I wish it would write blog posts for me, feed my crying babies at 3 AM, and never get old. I hate that I have to buy a new computer because they get so old and outdated.

Ricky Anderson said...

So basically you all want polite yet energetic robots?

Sounds good to me!