Is Your Computer Plotting Its Revenge?

You use it, you abuse it.

You demand more of it than you should and dream of replacing it.

Watch out, Buddy! Your computer isn't going to take it anymore.

Your vacation pics? Gone.

Your iTunes library? Jacked.

Your calendar? Full. Of meetings and dental appointments.

Your bank account? Overdrawn. See below.

Your Amazon wish list? Shipped this afternoon. To someone else.

Just remember, it's all fun games until your computer has enough and takes over your life.

What are you afraid your computer's gonna do to you?



Rob said...

Ok, I am new to your blog but I am starting to think that your computer man-napped (a kid gets kidnapped so if you are a man you get man-napped) you and is writing your posts. If this is true find a way to let me know and I'll shoot your computer a virus.

Some Guy said...

My computer keeps asking me if I want to play a game. Something about Russia...

Ricky Anderson said...

Rob, the Borg has taken over.


Ooh, a War Games reference. Loved that movie.

Knox McCoy said...

It already got me. Now, I'm on a retread and I can't use firefox. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??