What Users Think

I often have chagrined users ask me to fix their personal computers.

Most are honest about what the issue is and how they caused it.

They'll get loaded up with spyware and adware during a brain-free trip around the Internet.

Sometimes I wonder what's going on inside their heads...


The scene opens with a user lounging on the sofa in her living room. She's wearing pink bunny slippers and humming to herself.

She checks her Facebook page, which doesn't have anything personal from any of her 'friends'. There are, however, 6 birthday cakes, 4 kitty charities and 18 Mafia Wars invitations. The user gleefully accepts them all.

She then notices a "Check this out!!!!!!!!!!" link in the sidebar.  She's got no idea who it's from or what it's about, but she doesn't want to be left out when there's that many exclamation points involved.  She quickly clicks in anticipation.

After closing the twelve popups that load, she sees a Weatherbug advertisement and a flashing banner ad informing her she's won the drawing by being the 1,000,000 visitor to this site!

An avalanche of pop-ups, windows that won't close and other Internet gremlins explode on her screen.

The user yelps a bit and shuts down her computer.

After a moment, she can't stand it anymore and boots back up. She logs into Facebook.

"Ooh, kittens!"


What do you think goes on inside user's heads?



Anonymous said...

obviously a PC user. Mac users think only smug thoughts.

Ricky Anderson said...

Then you're definitely a Mac user, Sharideth!

Sgt. Wolverine said...

And, of course, Linux users think smug thoughts, but in a complicated fashion most users don't understand.

FTR, I'm a Mac user, but I try to keep my smugness hidden until it can be used for maximum devastation.

(The word verification for my comment is "hotedi". Who's edi? Because apparently edi is hot.)