I have a guest post up today at Matt Cannon's site. You should check it out because he's bigger than you.

I was watching a PBS special a while back about aliens. The scientific phrase is 'extraterrestrial life'.

A scientist was explaining why they're so desperately looking for exterrestial life:
"We'll know were not astronomically special, not biologically special, and not intellectually special."

We spend all this time telling our kids that they're special. Then they grow up and spend their careers trying to prove they're not.


I think it's because we all know what being special implies. Being special means extra care was taken. Being special means being set apart. Being special implies intent. Intent implies a Creator.

Uh-oh. Better not be special, then.

This scientist's desire was to kill God and strip Him of the glory of His masterpiece creation.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad I'm special!



Some Guy said...

Since they haven't found anything yet, they'll just have to assume that we are special.

Anonymous said...

You think that we'd eventually find some other life out there (intelligent or no), but we're still phenomenally unique and special beings.

Ricky Anderson said...

I agree.

I HOPE we find other life out there.

What shocked me was how intense this guy was to prove we're not special.