Confessions of a Network Administrator

I know everything...when I'm in Pretend I'm Awesome Mode.

I'm infinitely patient...because I have a soundproof server room.

I'm extremely confident...unless I'm running firmware updates on the production server after you went home for the day.

I can fix anything...given enough time with Buddy Google.

Your personal computer can't be fixed and needs to be replaced...because I'm busy.

I will enforce our company's Acceptable Use Policy...on you.

You think I know everything you do on your computer...and I like it that way.

What do you suspect about your network administrator, or geeks in general?



Some Guy said...

I'll bet the network administrator has a bunch of electrical tape - he just won't share it with anyone.

Ricky Anderson said...

Of course not! It's mine. I keep it in the server room.

Rick Knowles said...

I use a managed IT contract to escalate things above me. I suspect that they delay giving me information, such as passwords, so I can't figure certain things out on my own with my buddy Google and eventually eliminate my dependence on them.

I have a feed of all of the surveillance video coming in to my office. The team thinks I see everything, and I like it that way.

Ricky Anderson said...

Surveillance video - fancy!

I pretend I'm that cool.