Arguing With Tech Support

Is it okay to remind someone they shouldn't ask you questions they don't want the answers to?

Staff:  My account is locked out.

Me:  No problem!  *Clicky*Clicky*  Ok, you're good to go now.

Staff:  But it locked me out on the first login attempt.

Me:  Ok.

Staff:  Isn't it supposed to give you a few tries before it locks you out?

Me:  Yes, five.

Staff:  But it only gave me one!

Me:  Ok.

Staff:  Why would it do that?  Is your server broken?

Me:  Nope!  It locked because there were five unsuccessful login attempts.

Staff:  No there weren't!

Me:  Ok.

Staff:  So what else could cause this?

Me:  Maybe you locked it yesterday and didn't notice until this morning, so on your first attempt this morning, you got the account locked message.

Staff:  That didn't happen!

Me:  Ok.

Staff:  *Walks away mumbling*

If you're going to be offended by any hint of your actions causing an undesired consequence, then I don't know what to tell you.  I don't care if you lock your account - it's a two second fix, and I've done it myself.  There's no shame.  So don't argue!



Russ said...

Usually, this kind of response comes from someone who ought to know better that has a brain fart for whatever reason and is too embarrassed to admit it for fear that it would ruin their "street cred".

And, being a paranoid security guy myself, my question would have been to ask the user if anyone might have been trying to break into their account. Who knows? That's why those things are in place anyway, not to embarrass forgetful users.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

This must be part of that new math they're teaching -- 1=5.

Ricky Anderson said...

Come on, Russ - you're not that paranoid.

Nice shirt today!