Arguing With Tech Support, Part 2

It never ends, does it?

Staff:  I can't log into the terminal server.  The error message says it can't find the remote server.

Me:  Let me take a look.  *Clicky*Clicky*  Ok, you're good to go now.

Staff:  What was the issue?

Me:  The connection was set to use the IP address instead of the host name, and since they're using DHCP, the IP isn't static, so the connection that used to work doesn't anymore.  I deleted that connection and added a new one referencing the host name, so you should be good now.

Staff:  I didn't understand any of that!  Could you maybe use English?

Me:  It couldn't find the server.

Staff:  I know, that's what the error message said.  But what does that mean?

Me:  It was looking for a server named Bob that had changed its name to Ted.

Staff:  Couldn't it have looked Ted up by his last name?

Me:  What?  No, that was just a meta...yes, that's what I had it do.

Staff:  And it worked!