Manliness Scorecard

Need a way to gauge your manliness? There's an app scorecard for that.

This may or may not be based on events that transpired yesterday. I'll let you believe what you want to believe.

1.  Getting home early to start that yard work project your wife has been asking you to do. +1 point
2.  Bringing your dad so you can do a project together. +1 point
3.  Bringing your dad because you have no idea what you're doing. -1 point
4.  Cutting your hand while working on the project. +1 point
5.  Running around the yard, yelping 'Owie, owie owie'. -2 points
6.  Continuing to work nonchalantly as though you don't notice that blood is dripping off your hand. +4 points
7.  Letting your dad take over while you go find a Band-Aid. -1 point
8.  Asking your dad to kiss it to make it all better. -25 points
9.  Finishing the project and then getting dinner started so it's ready when your wife gets home from work. +3 points
10. Finishing the project and then letting your wife make dinner while you write this blog. -3 points.

Scoring Key:

Positive points - You're a real man. Your name might be Knox McCoy.
Negative points - You're a wuss. Probably related to me.

Anything to add?

Any guesses on how I scored yesterday?



Knox McCoy said...

If I score in the negative, does my name supercede my score? I hope so. Not that I scored in the negative. Just hypothetically speaking of course.

Ok, I scored in the negative. Weed-eating is complicated and difficult and dangerous.

sharideth smith said...

i think i just scored like 187 points. what does that mean?

Ricky Anderson said...


It means we have to start calling you 'Sir' again.

Some Guy said...

Knox, if you're doing the weed-eating without any power tools, that is automatically a positive score.

Laurielizard said...

Having you dad have to skip watching American Pickers to help you -5


Ricky Anderson said...

In my defense, he didn't tell me was skipping his show...

...not that it would have changed anything!