The Pinball Game That Is My Mind When It Doesn't Have Any Sleep I'm Tired Mary Had A Lotta Lambs

Going to the Kansas City Royals / Chicago White Sox game tomorrow. Tickets are only $10 each! So is parking! And there's a convenience fee for buying the tickets! And there's a convenience fee for the inconvenience of having to pay for parking! When our group divided the true cost up, the $10 tickets are $16 a piece. Still cheap for a major league game, but I'm feeling a bit gypped. Oh, well...there's free t-shirts (with $16 admission).

I used the word 'vroom' twice in my expense report to The Boss tonight. I'm starting to question my judgement. The strange thing is I submitted it quickly because I knew I'd question my judgement, and I didn't want to be able to back out of it. Kinda like Tyler Durden in Fight Club. Dangit! I broke Rule #1.

I may have broken the RSS feed in your feed reader. I changed the blog over to a dedicated URL (looky up there!). There's supposed to be a magic box of voodoo in the settings that combines the two feeds into one, but it appears to have broken both of them. It's like having a not-magic box of grits instead. Not awesome.

How do you get to this site? Do you have a feed reader, or do you simply bookmark it? I'd love to know how many of you I lost!