Stuff I've Never Experienced and Rarely Admit to Until Now - Yes, You're That Special

I often get made fun of for the bits of pop culture I know nothing about. Sometimes I'm proud to be ignorant of something, and other times I'm embarrassed. When I get embarrassed, I just smile like I'm an insider.

So to break my cycle of pop culture dishonesty, here's a few things I've never seen, read, heard, smelled, etc....

  • Ghostbusters
    • Never saw the point.
  • Justin Bieber
    • I can honestly say I have never heard a single song of his.
      • And I aim to keep it that way.
  • Sushi
    • I don't like fish, and yet I have friends who tell me I'll enjoy sushi and it's not that fishy.
      • When they say that, this is what I hear in my head: "You'll enjoy poop. It's not that poopy."
        • No thanks.
          • Without the thanks.
  • Motorcycles
    • I owned a motorcycle once. For about a day and a half. I sold it before I got off the crutches.
      • I am completely baffled by people who would rather travel long distances on a motorcycle than in a car or a plane. You can explain it all you want; I will never understand.
What's something you've resisted over the years?