Who's On First?

I saw something at the Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago White Sox game last night that I'd never seen before.

I'll bet you haven't, either.

One of the Royals' batters swung hard at strike three. The catcher dropped the ball, but immediately snatched it up and tagged the batter. The ump called the out and everyone in the stadium was disappointed, but ready for the guy on deck to step up to the plate.

The batter wasn't ready, though. He started arguing with the ump. Fans started shouting at him to move on and get over it. He kept at it. He went back and forth with the ump for about a full minute. The ump even walked away from him at one point.

Suddenly, the ump walked back to home plate and signaled 'Safe'. Turns out the batter had foul-tipped the ball, and since the catcher dropped it, the batter had not struck out.

I have never seen an umpire reverse his call after an argument from the player or a coach.

They didn't show us the reply on the JumboTron, so we don't know if the ump made the right call or not.

What they did show on the JumboTron was me.

That's right - thousands of people there, and I notice the chump on the screen looks an awful lot like me...so I made a face at him, and he made one back. It was like looking into the world's biggest mirror.

Sorry, folks...no autographs.

What's the strangest thing you've seen at a sporting event? Have you ever been in the spotlight unexpectedly?