You're Not Done

Every time I hear him speak, I'm reminded why I love Donald Miller so much.

I was watching a snippet from his Catalyst session, and was floored when I heard him say:
"There's a good chance that you blew it so bad that the Church can no longer use you.
God can. And God will."
This is a great reminder that God's grace isn't a one-time, use-it-or-lose-it deal. And yet we lose sight of this and think we're finished.

I remember one time a friend had messed up royally. We're not talking small beans here. We're talking - "Hey, I know that guy...why's his mug shot on the news?!?"

He called me the next morning. He was bawling his eyes out, and kept repeating, "It's all over. I've let Him down. It's all over."

I reminded him of David's story.
He was done.

But God wasn't.

God restored David. Renewed His covenant with him. Then He called him a "man after My own heart".

As I told my friend that day...

It's not over until He says it is.

When has God restored you?