Count Your Blessings Before They Hatch

I remember the days of yore. Yesterday, the Internet in our corporate apartment was slower than a two-legged dog crawling and yipping it's way through fields of dial-up molasses.

Today the Internet is deader than a used pigeon in a Monty Python sketch, but with less voom. I am writing this post from my phone. Yes, I am that dedicated/can't sleep.

The good news is the smoke detectiveator thingy no go Chirp! no more. Couldn't find a 9 volt at Wal-Mart, but they do happen to stock baseball bats. Handy!

The Tarve came out with a book today. It's the most awesome thing ever I assume since I haven't read it yet. I would give you a link but that seems like work on a phone, even if Steve iCreate Jobs made it. Go to

Have you read Jon Acuff's book, Quitter? I'm on my second time through. Doing the audio book this time since he adds extra stuff to the audio versions of his books. It's what I read when I want to feel like I could change the world and actually accomplish something. Usually I just accomplish reading the book, but I feel like a champ while doing so.

This is the part of the post where I end by asking a question that makes you want to leave a comment. Tell me stuff!