Evolution Of An IT Guy

Oi. Windows Vista is slow and buggy. I need 64GB of RAM just to boot the darn thing. Think I'll look for something else.

Hey, this computer is really pretty. I think I'll buy it. Cool, the guy who's selling it to me has a turtleneck and beatnik glasses. I bet he's a vegetarian and recycles. Such a nice guy!

This thing was easy to set up! 30 seconds after getting it home, and I'm already on the Internet. Let's check the news sites. What's this? My brand new computer is OUT-OF-DATE?!? It was so pretty when I bought it, but now it looks like a chunk of old concrete compared to the new model! I can't believe it - I spent my kid's college fund on this thing! I think I'll look for something else.

Now this is really cool. Unlike Macs, Linux is free. Take that, fan boys!

Ok, I think I've got it installed. I'm not sure - there were a lot of options. But that's one of the greatest things about open source software - it's endlessly customizable!

All right, let's work on our budget. I think there's a spreadsheet program on here somewhere.

Hmmm, can't find it. Let's go visit the user forums and get some help. I love a community!

Oh, that was a quick response. Some guy named "h@CK3rh3@d" says I should 'RTFM'. I wonder what that means. Probably 'Read The Fun Manual'. I'll ask him...

Okay, I was close, but it turns out the 'F' doesn't stand for 'Fun'. That HackerHead guy is a jerk. So were the other 28 lonely basement dwellers who responded. I'd RTFM, but it's not WIFE (Written In Fun English). I think I'll try something else.

Ooh, this Windows 7 is nice. It's fast and does what it says on the tin. I think I'll just stick with this.

It's what Vista should have been.

What do you like/dislike about the various operating systems out there?