Things I Can't Wait For

Remember Christmas Eve as a kid?

How you couldn't sleep in the midst of the anticipation and excitement?

That's how I feel about a few things:

  • Our kiddo. We're due August 31. When this site goes dark for a bit, you'll know why.
    • We're waiting to find out the gender.
    • I bought our kid's first baseball outfit last week. I can't wait to teach my kid how to play.
    • I'm daunted and excited about the responsibility of molding our child's faith in God. I'm fully aware and completely scared of the fact that I can do this mostly by example, and very little by words.
    • I plan on messing with our kid's head. I already do this with my nephews and nieces. One of my nieces thinks that you have to put one hand in the air and say "Beep, Beep!" whenever you cross the street.
  • Robots. I will own one of these in my lifetime. I may have to sell a kidney at some point, but it. will. happen.
  • Time Machines - As a history buff, this would be awesome. As an unscrupulous businessman, this would be stupendous. Unfortunately, I am a history buff.

What are you excited about? Beep, beep!


Adam said...

That is hilarious.

Flying cars like in The Jetson would be awesome.

Ricky Anderson said...

Man, I need a briefcase like George!