• You may have to read this post slowly. I'm traveling on business, so it's coming to you long distance...and at dial-up speeds, for some reason. It's quite painful going back in time.
    • I wonder how much it would hurt to go back and visit the dinosaurs.
      • Especially if they ate me.
  • My wife and I each have hand soap by our sinks. We replaced them at the same time. I triumphantly pointed out to my wife that I had run out of mine before she did and therefore washed my hands more than she did. Without missing a beat, she said, "You poop more."
  • Team Ricky is getting it's butt whipped over at Rob Shepherd's blog o' pain. You can either go give us some votes, or you can help me rename the team. I'm really dragging us down. If you've already voted, then thanks! Oh, and get to work! I assume you have neighbors and/or coworkers. BADGER THEM!
  • Chirp! The fire alarm Chirp! in my room Chirp! is in need of Chirp! a new battery. Chirp! I'm not going to Chirp! get any sleep tonight. Chirp!
Stuff and stuff pancakes and stuff how did you sleep Chirp!?