Out to Lunch

Sometimes avoiding the obstacles to your goal is the best way of dealing with them.

Let's say your goal is to get to lunch on time to meet a friend.  You've finished upgrading the RAID array in the server room, and it's time to head out.

A new Network Administrator would simply open the server room door and head across the office to the parking garage.  However, new Network Administrators also do not eat lunch.  This is when the pack of Special Needs Users descends on him.  He will never see the light of day again.

Experienced Network Administrators, however, have prepared for this occasion.

When an experienced admin heads to lunch, he plans accordingly.  

He's built a secret passageway from the server room to the back wall of the kitchen. He swings open the secret back door of the fridge and snags his lunch.  Then he continues down the secret passageway to the trap door that leads to the parking garage.  Freedom!

The users could be chasing him of course, but he's not worried.  He's in no hurry because he left booby traps.

When a user pounds on the server room door, a bucket of keyboards and mice comes crashing down.

Any users stalking the Admin at his desk will be delayed until they figure out the guy in the chair is ignoring them not only because his headphones are in, but also because he is in fact a crash test dummy with a wig and a pocket protector.

If the users are dumb enough to pursue, the line of laptops leading to the parking garage will slow them down.  They're open, rigged like bear traps.

And while the users are licking their wounds, the Experienced Network Administrator is enjoying lunch, far away from the office.  There's food, there's quiet, there's no users...

...until his mobile rings.



ihenni said...

Buckets of keyboards and mice as a booby trap = awesome.

Ricky Anderson said...

LTO4 backup tapes work well, too.

Ooh, and old megahit switches as well.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

If any users do make it through all your obstacles, do you have to fight them to the Blue Screen of Death?

Ricky Anderson said...

Rookie mistake, my young padwan.

You fight them WITH the Blue Screen of Death.

You pick that CRT monitor and heave it like a screaming banshee!

Unknown said...

I'd like to point out that I am having lunch with Ricky and he is on his mobile providing network troubleshooting.

Ricky Anderson said...

Quiet, you.

Some Guy said...

I'd go for the scatter-USB-drives-over-the-floor method. Not only would people slip and fall in a comical manner, but they would be distracted by the lure of free stuff.

Ricky Anderson said...

I like it.

I have half a dozen old 256MB drives lying around here, too. I was wondering what to do with them.