What are you most afraid of?

For me, it's failure.

I don't like doing something simply for the sake of being busy.  If I'm actually going to begin something, my intentions are to finish it and have a feeling of accomplishment and pride when I'm through.

However, I know that I make mistakes.  I know that I'm not the smartest or most talented guy around.  I know things don't always work out.  I know life sometimes gets in the way.  These thoughts lurk at the back of my mind like old cobwebs.

So I find myself all too frequently not starting what I know I should.  I don't lead where I'm called to because I'm afraid I won't be an adequate leader.  I don't innovate and show initiative as much as I should because I'm afraid I'll fall flat on my face while doing so.

I like being comfortable.  I am good at finding niches and squirming my way firmly into them, sometimes for good.  I don't want the empowerment and attention that come with success because I fear the shame and embarrassment that come with failure.

We always hear the story of the servant with five talents.  He made five more and was rewarded by his master.  But was the reward given in response to the success or the willingness to step outside the servant's comfort zone?  If he had invested the five talents and lost everything, would the master have rewarded him still?