Open Letters, Part 3

Dear Mr. Atheist,

Why do you care?

If you've got it all figured out, good for you.  If you've spent your life searching for truth, and the truth you've found is nothing, then why are you still searching?

Why are you upset at God if He doesn't exist?  Why are you incensed when someone else admits their own weakness and accepts the eternal help of someone greater than themselves?

Why do you need to convince everyone else you're right?  Do you enjoy the tiny infusion of smugness you feel in your small, calloused heart when you use science and logic you yourself do not completely understand to 'win' a debate with someone less 'enlightened' than yourself?

Why don't you just call it a day and hit the golf course?

I think you can't let it go because you're a liar.  You're lying to yourself when you proudly proclaim, "I've got it all figured out!"

I'm not suggesting you blindly accept the next brand of religion that's sold at your front door next Saturday.  I'm simply suggesting if the best your equation can come up with is null, than you should probably reevaluate the variables and assumptions you're working with.

At least agnostics are honest.