Things I'd Give My Left Arm For

Guest posts - you know how I say the Network Administrator Diaries posts write themselves?  Well...guest posts actually do!

To have written one of the books on your bookshelf - Then when you have me over for dinner one evening, I could casually saunter over to your bookshelf, 'peruse' it for a bit, nonchalantly select my book, and say, "Oh, this old thing?  Have you read it?  Not some of my best earlier work; doesn't really deserve to be next to the Tolkien.  Would you care for an autograph?"

Hitting the winning grand slam in the World Series - I played Little League for 16 seasons, and never once hit a home run.  I think this would make up for that.

Being in a movie, no matter how small the part - I'm fascinated by the film making process.  I make Jana sit through innumerable behind the scenes special features.  I usually enjoy them more than the movie itself.  I'm pretty sure she's going to kill me in my sleep if I make her sit through another one.

The ability to ride a unicycle - Come on, you know you want to, too!

To be half the man my father is - In a fatherless generation, I have been blessed beyond measure.

To test out some sort of cybernetics - Preferably something with lasers.  Doors open at my thought.  Vending machines dispense goodness with a point of my finger.  My tiny lawn mows itself while I watch baseball.  Mmmm, cybernetics...

What would you give your left arm for?



Some Guy said...

I've tried to ride a unicycle a couple of times, and it is not easy.

One question for you: how are you going to hit the grand-slam if you have only one arm?

Ricky Anderson said...

Me too. We used to sell unicycles at a toy store my wife and I worked at and I'd try to ride them. And by ride them I mean hold on to the counter and pedal for two feet before falling over.

As for hitting one-handed, if Jim Gray could do it, so can I!

Sgt. Wolverine said...

You know what's even better than riding a unicycle? Riding TWO unicycles at the same time! I bet you could do that.