Never Hurt a Vendor

Never, never, never.

I feel sorry for vendors.  They're so easy to take advantage of.  Let's take a look at a perfect example - my CDW rep.

He provides products, services and one-on-one attention.  He helps me do my job by getting me what I need when I need it.  He's nice, prompt, funny and occasionally answers the phone.  He's a pretty normal guy - a loving father of three who works from home on Fridays so he can see the kids he's trying to feed.

Why would you want to hurt this hard-working family man?

Because it's fun, that's why!

It starts off small, like asking for a price break or free shipping on larger orders.  If this works, then you know you have a patsy.  Patsies are the pushovers you need as part of your ordering process.

Patsies make talking on the phone worth the time and effort:

Me:  I'd like to order 10 laptops, please.

Vendor:  Sure thing, Mr. Anderson!  Anything else I can fall over myself to get for you?

Me:  Well, since I'm ordering in bulk, can you knock $50 off each one?

Vendor:  Ouch!  Sure thing!

Me:  *Confidence growing*  Oh, and would you throw in 6 flash drives and a couple dozen optical mice?

  You drive a hard bargain!  Will that be all?

Me:  *Confidence enlargement complete*  Sure thing, Pat.  Do you have any swag?  I could do with a CDW hat and maybe a couple shirts.


Me:  I'll take the large - thanks!

Vendors are people, too.  Don't take advantage of them.  Be nice.

Remember, it shouldn't hurt to be a vendor.



Some Guy said...

The vendor's job is to get you the discounts and swag. Otherwise you could just order online and then he would be out of a job. So you're doing him a favor by asking for stuff.

I used to use CDW many years ago, but that was small orders for personal use so I never got one-on-one attention.

Ricky Anderson said...

They're too expensive for personal purchases anyway. I use Newegg for that.

What I love about them is they never say no. They find a way to make it work for you.

You can't get that from Dell, HP, etc.