Open Letters, Part 4

Dear Mr. Christian,

What are you forgetting?

I'll give you some hints.

You didn't misplace your keys.

You didn't leave the stove on.

You didn't skip the mortgage payment.

Relax, you didn't do any of these things.


What about Christ?  Are you forgetting Him?

He died for you.  He loves you so much He'd rather die than go to heaven without you.  Have you forgotten this?

Christ is who you get your namesake from.  He is who you're supposedly modeling your life after.  He told you to do some things that you haven't remembered.

Do you?

How can you expect those who do not claim to have Christ to live according to the principles of those who do?  They can't understand why Christ's way is better.  They have to be shown.

You know what He said to do.  And yet you run around causing fights and resentment.  You spread lies without a second thought of the truth.

Maybe you should do what you're told.


1 comment:

Jared Clifton said...

I love this 1,000 times. Or times 1,000. I don't really get math, but it's fine because I'm not a meteorologist anyway.