Open Letters, Part 2

Dear Mr. Liberal,

Why do you have to be so difficult?

Why do you need to argue with every point of contention made from those on the 'other side of the fence'?  Have you ever stopped to wonder if they might be right this time?

Why do you mindlessly swallow every point of contention made from those already on your own side?  Have you ever stopped to wonder if they might be wrong this time?

Have you stopped to ponder what it is you're swallowing and in turn force-feeding to others?

For instance, if you're so liberal, why are you for abortion?  You can call it freedom of choice, but that's a lie.  The choice is not free if it's only made by one of the parties involved.

As a liberal, you're a champion of human rights.  Where there is injustice, your heart bleeds.  And yet, in what could not possibly be a greater injustice, you stand on the side of the oppressor.

Why can't you just be, well, liberal - and therefore work to protect the rights of the unborn?  Seriously, you defend the lives of animals all the time.  Why not humans?

Imagine what would happen in our country if we actually listened to each other.  You don't trust conservatives because they're against everything you want, and vice versa.  What if you backed down and handed the next conservative you debate with, your fellow citizen, an olive branch?

Would that help you get one in return?

And if it did, would we be as divided as we are now?

Whatever happened to the United States of America?