Guest Post for Sharideth Smith

I was going to take the day off, but Sharideth Smith, the slave driving blogger over at A Woman's Guide to Women, wouldn't let me. She chained me to my desk and made me write a guest post for her.

Before you hop over to that black hole, there's a few things you should know:

  • My post is a response to one of her posts. Here's her original piece on the worst date she, or anyone, ever had. If you don't read her version of the story, mine will make no sense. Just know that my version is the truth, and hers is filled with lies.
  • Sharideth pretends to be nice. She'll post things on Twitter like, "Let's all play Words With Friends together! It'll be a great big ball of fun." Then she'll decimate you and leave you crying in front of your coworkers and/or spouse. I swear I can hear her giggling through my iPod. And trust me, the only time Sharideth giggles is when you're in pain.
  • Even though Sharideth's blog has a lot of womanizing in the title, it's actually a guide for men. If you don't understand something about your woman, ask Sharideth. It won't be pretty, and you'll likely get humiliated, but she'll give you the truth with blinding clarity.

Bring a helmet, you'll need it.