Hollywood Is Calling

Occasionally, I'll get the rare opportunity of an acting gig.

At work.

Since I work for an accounting firm, the most common role I'm cast in is that of an accountant.

For instance, I periodically review the work of actual accountants. I am not, nor have I ever been, an accountant. However, I have been with the firm for many years. This, in and of itself, means I am qualified to review junior staff's work. It makes no difference that they have been trained in accounting and I have not. This role calls for confidence, and confidence I must deliver.

It usually goes something like this:

Junior Accountant: Here's my work, on time as requested, Sir.

: Um, looks good. Lotsa numbers 'n stuff.

Junior Accountant
: Thank you, Sir.

*Frowning at the totals section of the 1500-row spreadsheet*  Oh, there is one thing. This part here looks wrong. I want you to fix that.

*One week time lapse*

Junior Accountant
: Sir, I spent all last week reviewing my work.

Me: And?

Junior Accountant: Uh, well, Sir...it's actually correct. You see, these numbers add up. If you take the bi-monthly rate times the...

: You're right, looks good! I was just making sure you were paying attention. Keep up the good work!

Play the part well, and The Boss is satisfied. I am now free to return to the No Man's Land of IT.