In Brotherly Love

Today, Tyler Tarver has been kind enough to share his blog with me.  Okay, actually I threatened to punch him in the nose.  Either way, head on over to his site to read my guest post about those weird secret codes they use over the intercom at Dillard's.  Check out his site while you're there; he's hilarious and, unlike me, his site doesn't look like it was designed by a three-year-old on acid.

I've noticed a pattern among the guys in my Bible study and fellowship group:

Apparently they're all in love with me.

Several times, when closing a perfectly civil, non-awkward post meeting conversation, one of the guys has told me, "I'll see you next week. I love you."

Now, I know they're just getting in touch with their inner selves and showing Christ-like behavior. They mean nothing else by this. I get that. I also know that my aversion to hearing this, or even *shudder* returning the sentiment, is entirely cultural on my part. But I still have a negative reaction to hearing it.

When I'm told this, I should feel good at the intimate relationship I can enjoy with my Christian brothers. Instead, I feel like I need a shower.  I pretend I didn't hear, mutter "See ya", and hot-foot it to my car while looking warily over my shoulder, just in case. I know I'm insecure and all, but I drive faster than usual out of the parking lot anyway.

Several of the older guys also give hugs. I got over this by pretending it was my dad or a favorite uncle. I can deal with this; just don't let it linger or put your head on my shoulder. And if you sway a bit, I will hit you.

But I draw the line here: one of the dudes has decided to take the whole "Greet each other with a brotherly kiss" bit seriously.

That's just wrong, even if it is in the Bible!