Things I'm Still Amazed By

Phones - Technology is nothing new to me.  I'm no stranger to server administration, hardware configuration, and the art of user wrangling.  However, I still experienced a quick moment of awe a while back when speaking to my brother on the phone.  He was in Alaska, in the middle of nowhere, and I was on my mobile, flying down the interstate (hands-free, of course).  I will always be amazed that we can have real-time conversations with others halfway around the world.

Grace - Grace is illogical.  By its very definition, you don't deserve it.  Yet, there are many examples every day of encounters with the grace of others.  The biggest example is from God, but the real question is how many examples are from you, given to others?

Planes - I've had them explained to me many times, but the concept of turning a hunk of metal into a pretend bird still boggles my mind.  I'm always afraid the law of gravity will wake up during one of my flights, and remember that we should be going down, not upThis is why I don't sit by the window on flights.  It feels safer.

Confidence - I'm timid in almost everything I do.  People on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, amaze me.  You, oh person with abounding confidence, never seem wrong.  You're comfortable in any situation.  This characteristic alone will move you up the ladder at work, get you out of speeding tickets and make that girl of your dreams say "Yes!".  The rest of us have to earn it.  You assume it.

Accountants - I've worked with them for 7 years now, and I still don't understand 'em.  How anyone can sit in a box and count someone else's money for giggles is beyond me.  Weirdos.



Some Guy said...

Grace is most obvious to me when driving, especially when people want to merge into my lane or when I want to change lanes.

And your paragraph on Confidence reminds me of a real-men-of-genius commercial.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Being a relatively new owner of an iPhone 4, I share your amazement with phones. It's hilarious to watch 1960s and 1970s James Bond movies while holding a real piece of technology they might have dreamed up as an inconceivable spy gadget.