Helpless Users

Some users simply refuse to understand an issue or take any initiative in resolving it.

There are multiple networks at my work, and I don't have administrator access to all of them.  This means there are certain issues I can't do anything about, even if I understand what needs to be done.

Here's a conversation I have with certain users, not infrequently:

Helpless User:
  Can you fix blah-de-blah?

Me:  I don't have access to that since it's not on our local network, but you can submit a ticket to the  corporate helpdesk and they'll remote in and get you fixed up.

Helpless User:
  So there's nothing I can do?

 You can submit a helpdesk ticket and the folks at the corporate helpdesk will remote into your system and get you squared away.

Helpless User:  Well, I guess since there's nothing I can do, I'll just live with it.

Me:  Yes, I guess that is the only sensible course of action we have left at this point.


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Some Guy said...

Maybe they're hinting that they want you to submit the ticket for them. But if they're willing to live with the issue, I suppose doing nothing is an acceptable course of action.