User Wrangling

I'm not an IT Nazi, although I did replace one.

The previous admin would demand sacrifices before descending from on high to assist the lowly users.  She demanded Starbucks from me one time in exchange for walking down a flight of stairs to make my computer work so I could do my job.

Since I'm not a Nazi, I don't mind when my users occasionally take the initiative.

Take yesterday, for instance.  One of the users was moving desks and decided to move her computer by herself.  Not a problem...usually.

The fun started when she came upstairs to my desk, madder than a wet hen.  Her Internet connection no longer worked.  She insisted it had been working, and she had taken care to connect everything back up in the same manner she had dismantled it.

We went down to her desk to survey the situation.  I took one glance at her laptop and stopped the snort and chuckle from escaping my poker face.

Me:  Out of curiosity, why did you come up to my desk to get me, instead of just calling?

User:  My phone doesn't work, either!  Nothing is working - all your stupid equipment is broken!

Me:  Yes, I noticed.

User:  How?  You haven't looked at my phone yet.  I was going to let you fix the laptop before asking you about my phone.

Me:  Oh, they're related.

*I unplug the phone cord from the laptop and put it back in the phone.  I grab the unplugged network cable and plug it into the laptop with a satisfying *Click*.

User:  Oh.  Well, I could have done that!

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Some Guy said...

RJ45 is just too versatile.