Do As I Say...

I hate it when users aren't prepared.  They bring me dead computers, and each one apparently contains the next great American novel and all existing baby pictures of their loved ones.

Of course they don't have a backup.

Their lack of foresight now means I'm expected to go into Emergency Mode.

This is where I stop doing productive things and try to miraculously raise kaput hardware from the dead.

"Why didn't you make a backup?", I ask.

"I meant to!  I just didn't have time."

"That's no excuse!"

These users drive me nuts.  I'm glad I took the day off on Friday.

I'll have all kinds of time on my hands.  I can do anything I want.  I should make that backup I've been intending to do.  That clicking sound from my hard drive probably doesn't mean anything.

Meh, I'll do it over the holidays.