Missing Me, Part 2

If you're the IT guy, you know how hard it is to take a vacation.  Your users need you, and they have the hardest time coping with your absence.

I asked Kay, our receptionist, to attend to the blog while I was gone.


IT has been gone for way too long.

Partner B to Partner A:  Is Ricky back today?

Partner A:  No, not until next Monday.

Partner B:  What?  He was out all last week.

Partner A:  No, he wasn't.

They continue on with their conversation as they head out the door to Starbucks.

An accountant, on his way through with his coffee, asks, "When is Ricky back?"

"Next Monday", I reply.

Accountant:  "J.C. @!!*&!!!"

Me:  "Are you having computer problems?"

Accountant:  "No,  I just miss him"