What Your Network Administrator Really Means

You may have noticed you don't always understand what your Network Administrator tells you.

You'll ask a question, and the response will be confusing and full of jargon.  I've started a handy little reference to help you decipher what your resident geek is really saying.


When your Network Administrator says:  I've analyzed our disk space availability and through proactive deduplication efforts have reduced storage overhead by 20%.

He means:  I finally deleted those old log files.

When your Network Administrator says:  Reboot, and I'll be over to check out your problem in a minute.

He means:  I'm hoping a reboot fixes that problem, because I have no idea and I really have to go to the bathroom.

When your Network Administrator says:  The phone in the server room doesn't work, so just take a message for me if anyone calls.

He means:
  I unplugged the phone in the server room, which is where I'm heading because it's quieter in there.

When your Network Administrator says:  I'll be working from home today.

He means:  I got tired of wearing clothes.

When your Network Administrator says:  That's a complex issue.  Let me go back to my desk and review my documentation on that topic.

He means:  I'm gonna go have a chat with my buddy Google.


Know any more of your Network Administrator's secrets?  Add to this cheat sheet in the comments!