Christmas Grapes

On the 23rd, we went to our favorite Chinese food restaurant, Hua Chang.

We were glad to see the restaurant wasn't empty that night, as it usually is.  A group of high schoolers was having a great time laughing it up with the owner's wife when I walked in to pick up our order.

She looked up at me excitedly and hustled over.  In addition to our regular hometown hero greeting, Mrs. Chang (I assume that's her name) threw in some almond cookies for free.  She tossed them into the bag, handed it to me, and told me, "You wait."  Then she disappeared into the kitchen.

I stood in the entryway for a bit, shuffling my feet and wondering what I'd done wrong.

Mrs. Chang returned with one hand behind her back and a huge smile on her face.

With a flourish, she produced a box of grapes.  "For the happy Christmas!" she exclaimed.

I gave her a hug.

Happy Christmas, indeed.