Stuff Popping Around In My Head, Part 3

Christmas Decorations - I leave my lights, tree, etc. up for a week or two after Christmas is over.  I'll tell you it's because I'm being festive for New Year's as well, but really I'm just lazy.

Reversible Belts - Have you seen these things?  Oh man, they'll change your life!  Yes, I'm easily amazed and amused.

Santa - This year, we watched the old Fred Astaire claymation movie, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town".  I had never seen it before.  Now I will never see it again, and will probably start throwing things at mall Santas.

It's a story about a grown man who sneaks into another town and stalks their children.  He entices them into sitting on his lap and, in exchange for a kiss, gives them toys.  No, this is not an embellishment - there's even a singalong song - "the cost is a kiss, be prepared to pay".  The mayor throws him in jail.  He escapes, and starts sneaking into the children's homes at night.

If you perpetuate the Santa story to your own kids, just remember you're encouraging your kids to take bribes from creepy escaped convicts, like ice cream truck drivers.  It's a well-known fact that ice cream truck drivers work for Santa.  They steal children and take them to the North Pole, where they become elves.

Basketball - I hadn't shot hoops in 12 years or so, and was never very good to begin with.  So of course I decided playing with a buddy would be a great idea last week.  I've never air-balled so much in my life.  Also, why can I run on the elliptical machine at the gym for a half hour with no problems, but can hardly play a 10-point pickup game of basketball without needing an oxygen tank?