I'm Sorry

I got this idea from the very funny blog of Bryan Allain.  The inspiring (or guilty) blog post is entitled "It's (Not) Too Late to Apologize".  Read Bryan's stuff for two weeks, and you'll be hooked.

I owe you an apology.

You may not remember what I did, or even remember me at all, but if anything below rings a bell, then you know who you are...and probably how mad you were!  Some of these apologies are more heartfelt than others.  If you've ever seen the movie Simon Birch, you'll know how sincere an "I'm sorry" can be.  Run the end of that clip through your head as you read these confessions.

Age 14 - Dear Old Lady With the Funny Hat Who Was Driving Near Public School Bus #108,
     I'm sorry I gave you that heart attack.  You see, I had to throw that Red Devil firecracker somewhere.  The bus driver was on to me, and I had to get rid of the last one.  Especially since it was lit.  I'm sure you understand.
     In my defense, you did overreact.  There was no reason to go swerving all over the road and onto the curb simply because the Devil flew in your open window, landed on your dash, and exploded next to your face.  Completely uncalled for.

Age 10 - Dear Younger Brother Robby,
     I'm sorry I stole your prized Joe Carter baseball cards.  I needed cash, and since you were more responsible with your money than I was, I knew you had some.  But we all know stealing cash is wrong, so I stole your Joe Carter cards instead.
     You might have forgiven me for that, right up until when I sold them back to you.
     I'm even more sorry now that I've grown up, matured...and realized you're six inches taller than me.

Age 7 - Dear Mrs. Thompson and the Rest of My Entire Second Grade Class,
     I'm sorry I got so angry with you.  I was livid when you stole my cash, my hard-earned dough!  I was seven years old, and I had scrimped and saved seven whole dollars.
     Yes, I shouldn't have left my wallet in my coat pocket.  Yes, I shouldn't have left my coat hanging on the peg by the classroom door.  But do these mistakes give you the right to steal my cash out of it?
     That's why I told Mrs. Thompson what you did.  That's why she kept the entire class in from recess.  That's why she called the school counselor and had him come in and lecture everyone about honesty.  That's why he had everyone line up outside the classroom and then enter one at a time.  He was giving you a chance to come clean without facing the consequences, and you didn't take it.  You kept my money for yourself, and I don't know why.
     I'm forgiving you because Jesus told me to.  And I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner.
     Oh, and I'm also sorry I didn't tell anyone when I remembered I had spent the cash that morning on baseball cards.  It didn't seem to be the right time to bring it up.

So, what are you sorry for?  Come clean!

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Some Guy said...

For some reason, these (and Bryan's) apologies remind me more of Napoleon Dynamite.