Potpourri Conglomerate Stew, Code 47 Section 12 Part 8 Subcategory 2 Point 1

  • I just quit my job.
    • What should I do with 300 business cards?
  • I'd like to give life advice to strangers. Seems like good high-browed elitist fun.
    • That's your cue to email me weird questions. Email me at arthur2sheds @ g mail. com
      • Which is code for 'help me write my blog; I'm outta ideas'.
  • Apparently when you make your picks in a football pool, it's not a one-and-done sort of thing. You have to make your picks each week.
    • Before the games start.
    • The crazy thing? I'm still not in last place!
      • Tyler Tarver probably hates me since I'm on his team. That's ok; I hate me too. Jerkface!
  • What's an odd talent you have that you're secretly really proud of?
    • I'd tell you mine, but it's my ability to keep secrets, so I can't tell you.
      • Drat.
  • How long are you allowed to be with a new organization before you're expected to start being productive?
    • Because Evan hasn't done a darn thing on his chore list yet.
      • Bum.
In addition to the odd talent question above, what size shoes do you wear?

1 comment:

Heather said...

I can crack all of my knuckles when I close my hands. It will probably cause some problems 20 years down the road, but that's then, not now. As for my shoe size, I'm an 8. I assume you're asking because Christmas is coming up.