Fuzzy Brain Potpourri, Sleep Deprivation Mode Edition Episode 4 (A New Hope, Not the CGI Ones)

  • Red Rover, Red Rover, send pizza right over!
    • But not math. Please don't send math.
  • Sat next to a kid on the airplane this weekend. He was chatty, but well-behaved overall. No crying, thankfully.
    • He's actually 21, but the older I get, the younger the kids get.
      • He wanted career advice. He's in dental school. I told him to brush his teeth.
  • RIP, Steve Jobs.

This is how we spent lunch yesterday. Our team had the local park to ourselves.

I'm thinking of investing in products that don't become obsolete overnight like technology does. Like socks. Socks are the future!

I hear the Presidential race is getting started. Politicians running for office more than a year out from the vote is as ridiculous as Christmas music in July...except I like Christmas music in July.

This bullet point is completely superfluous. It contains no information, and no jokes. In fact, because the formatting gets a bit wonky on Blogger when you put a picture in a bulleted list, this isn't technically even a bullet point. But this text definitely helps me take up the vertical space I needed so I can post the question on its own line below. Lorem ipsum!

What's going on in your world? Tell me two weird things that happened to you this week - one true and one false. I'll see who I can catch fibbing and which of you I won't ever play poker with.