The Kind of Dad I Want To Be

My dad came to every one of my little league baseball games.

My dad is the reason I'm a Christian. He didn't beat me over the head with his theology. He quietly demonstrated his faith, every day.

My dad was always there for me when I needed help or advice. Still is.

My dad has a great sense of humor.

My dad loves my mom in thought, word and deed. Always has, always will.

My dad is patient.

My dad is generous.

My dad is kind.

I want to be this kind of Dad for my son, Evan. So many men grow up without strong and supportive dads. This generation has been called "The fatherless generation".

Not for Evan.

Click here to support the efforts of The Mentoring Project, a wonderful organization doing something to stop the fatherless generation.

What did your dad do to make an impact on your life?

If you're part of the fatherless generation, what was missing from your childhood that a mentor or father figure could have provided?