My Resignation Letter - Guest Post In Real Life by Scott Moore

As you may have noticed due to the lack of daily posts, things have been a bit hectic lately.

In addition to having our son Evan, I'm in the middle of a job change. I officially accepted a new position last week, and was left the unsavory task of resigning my current position.

As I do with all things that scare me, I outsourced it.

I asked my buddy Scott Moore to write my resignation letter with only a couple hours notice.

As usual, Scott came through big-time. I've only tweaked it a bit for minor details I didn't tell Scott beforehand.


Dear {Boss' Name},

Please accept this letter as notification of my de-employment. Resignation, I meant resignation. Whatever the word is that means I'm leaving.

I imagine upon hearing this news that I am leaving you are feeling hurt, deceived, grieved, and so on. Honestly, I don't blame you because I am kind of a big deal. In time you will be fine without me. "Fine" in the sense of Ron Burgundy right after Jack Black punted Baxter off that bridge. Don't worry, you will eventually break out of that glass case of emotion. Just don't break your computers, because I won't be here to fix them.

I do appreciate all the opportunities I have been given while working here, mostly the opportunity to get paid for Googling things.

I'll be around for two more weeks, but keep in mind that I have recently purchased a Harley, a leather jacket, and a sidecar for Evan. We will be hitting the open road soon.

In conclusion, I have not asked for much in my 8 year tenure here, so I would like to make a final request. As I am walking out of the door for the last time, could you please coordinate a companywide slow clap? Fist pump required.

High fives and fist pounds,


What quitting stories do you have?